Cori One Year Milestone Session | Tina Mae Photography | Baraboo, WI Baby Photographer

Last week was considered the start of my maternity session, even though I’m still *patiently* waiting for this little one to make her appearance. Today I was sent up to labor & delivery for non stress test to monitor baby for a bit. Baby looks great, but in the 20 minutes I was monitored I had 4 very strong contractions, but didn’t feel much of it. Being this is my 5th baby, things have definitely been very different! Now I’m back home just waiting for things to really pick up so we can meet this sweet girl!

Luckily I have some adorable sessions to blog that can keep me a bit occupied as I wait. Cori came in for her one year session, and was so incredibly happy and sweet. It was the perfect way to end my shooting for the month. Also, I totally over-shot because she was so cute! Mom got a huge gallery, but I don’t think I will hear complaints.

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